Pet Portraits

Portrait of a black Labrador created using fine liner, watercolour and pencil

My bespoke pet portraits are hand-drawn using fine liners, watercolours, and pencils. Working from photographs and a few stories of your pet, I aim to capture the essence of their character that will be with you for years to come.

So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one's birthday, Christmas or anniversary or just want to order your very own pet keepsake you’re in the right place.

Portrait of a tabby cat, Purdy, created using fine liner, watercolour and pencil


Each commission is hand drawn, working from the different photos you supply and any stories you share about the subject/s that help me to capture their character.

During your commission, I will keep you updated at each stage of the portrait to ensure that you’re happy with the progress and that I’m capturing both a realistic physical representation and their unique character.

Below is an example of the different stages I work through, to give you an idea of what to expect when working with me and how your portrait gradually builds up and takes shape.

Image showing the different stages of creating a pet portrait, from the subject photo, to sketching, inking, painting and then the final pencil detail.

Each subject takes roughly between 12 - 16 hours to complete following this process, depending on the size and detail required. Allowing time for colour washes to dry fully and time to study the subject, I advise that portraits are usually completed within 7 - 10 days, ready to post out.

Your finished portrait will be shipped 1st Class Mail the next working day.


I generally work on A3 watercolour sheets and your portrait will be roughly A4 in size with a border around the edges to allow for framing. Alternative shapes and sizes are available for your portrait - please email me directly to discuss your requirements.


Below I have put together some examples of pet portrait commissions I have created. 

Each of the following have been drawn working from photographs and following the process outlined above, where I sketch out the initial outline using pencil, then outline the details using fine liner, before beginning to build up colour using watercolour paints and finally using pencils to add in the final fur details.

Each of these examples has taken between 12 - 16 hours to complete, allowing for time between each stage to dry and set.

Portrait of Dora the springer spaniel drawn using fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Dora the Springer Spaniel
December 2022
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Sebastian the Cocker Spaniel
October 2020
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Portrait of a startled tabby cat drawn using fine liner, watercolour and colour pencils

Hog the Tabby Cat (progress shot)
August 2022
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Pet portrait of a jack russell, drawn from photographs using watercolours and pencil

Molly the Jack Russell 
November 2021
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Widget the Wire-Haired Dachshund portrait, drawn using fine liners, watercolour and pencils

Widget the Wire-haired Dachshund 
September 2022
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Portrait of a white horse dressed in his cloak and reins - watercolour and pencils

Chip the Horse
November 2022
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Portrait of Spud the Jack Russell, including the sofa and cushion background.

Spud the Jack Russell
January 2022
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

Portrait of a tabby cat - a photo showing the progress during the stage of adding in the pencil detail for the fur.

Kitty the Tabby Cat (progress shot)
December 2022
Fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils

From these examples you will see that most of my commissions have been of cats & dogs. However, if you have a different type of pet that you are looking to commission a portrait off, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. 

I have previously drawn a couple of horse portraits and am experienced in drawing a variety of different birds and animals, which you can see by checking out the animal prints in my online shop.


I am able to offer framing of my portraits for an additional fee and have a trusted supplier that offers a variety of options in terms of frame sizes and colours.

If you wish to arrange framing through me, please let me know when placing your order so we can confirm options & I can get your frame ordered and ready for when your portrait is complete.

Portrait of Polly the jack russell, created using fine liner, watercolours and pencil

I find that the months leading up to Christmas are my busiest in terms of Pet Portrait commissions and therefore the timeframe for completing your commission may be slightly longer (up to 3 weeks).

If you are considering commissioning a portrait for a Christmas gift, I would always recommend placing your order as early as possible or messaging me to reserve a space (There is a £35 deposit which comes off the final invoice/payment).

Please note that the cut off for ordering a finished Pet Portrait in time for Christmas is usually the 27th of November** to allow enough time for me to complete your commission and arrange shipping/collection. 

** This date is dependent on my workload and availability for commissions, therefore I may stop taking on new orders sooner than this date.

Gift Vouchers

There is also the option of buying a Pet Portrait gift voucher through my website, which covers the cost of your commission and delivery. Your gift card can be sent either to you or directly to the recipient and includes details on how to begin the commission process working with me.

This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the required photos of the subject or who may have left it too late to get their commission completed in time for the occasion.

Gift vouchers can be ordered directly through my shop today.

Picture of Pet Portrait artist, Chris Millard, holding a portrait of a Old English MastiffTestimonials

"Chris is a very talented artist who offers a friendly service with great communication. Not only was I delighted with the pet portrait I ordered, but he also shared photos of the piece as a “work in progress” along the way. This was not only helpful to gauge when the portrait would be ready but was also really interesting and illustrated just how much work goes into his paintings.

The relative I purchased the portrait for as a gift was so pleased with the finished product it genuinely brought her to tears! I would not hesitate to use Chris again in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to make use of his services."


"Chris is always my first choice when I am looking for gifts for pet loving friends. The communication throughout each commission has been wonderful and builds great trust. My friends have treasured the portraits of their much loved animals and I know they hold pride of place in their homes.

I recommend Chris to everyone I know :-)"


"I commissioned Chris to paint a couple of portraits of our cats as a surprise for my wife's 40th birthday and he did a stunning job. He's managed to portray their individual traits and temperaments perfectly. Wouldn't hesitate to use him again."


Framed pet portrait of a Cocker Spaniel, drawn in fine liner, watercolours and pencil


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If you have any further questions regarding my pet portrait commissions, feel free to get in touch via the Contact page on my website.