Name Signs

Animal themed name sign illustration - Ollie. Featuring octopus, ladybird, lemur, iguana and eagle.Custom Hand Illustrated Name Sign Print 

My illustrated name signs make wonderful gifts for newborns or birthdays and are a great addition to any nursery, bedroom or play area.

Each letter is drawn and hand-painted based on your requests and therefore can be fully customised to fit with the colours, theme and style of the room you have in mind for it.

They're not just for children either as the theme and design of each letter is fully customizable, so they can also be great gifts for loved ones, teachers or any one who likes beautiful name signs.

Illustrated name sign for a school teacher featuring science themed illustrations for each letterHow it works:

Once you’ve ordered your sign through my online store (making sure to select the correct length name from the drop down menu), you just need to send over the following information:

  • The name you want illustrated
  • Theme of the sign - (animals by letter, British wildlife, the sea, science etc) 
  • What illustration you have in mind for each letter
  • The colour scheme you have in mind 
  • Any other information (e.g. a family pet you’d like included)

If you’re unsure of ideas or stuck for what could represent each letter, or how we could make a particular theme work, please don’t hesitate to send me a message & I will work with you to help make it work and bring your ideas to life.

Once the theme/illustrations have been agreed, I will get to sketching ideas and planning the colour palette for your name sign.

Each letter is hand-drawn individually using fine liner, watercolour paints and pencils and once finished scanned in and placed together to create your finished name sign design.

Once you’re happy your final design is then sent through to a trusted independent printing company and produced as a giclee fine art print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper before being shipped.


The standard name sign dimensions I work in are 18" x 6" (printed on 21" x 9" to allow for framing). However, if you are looking for an alternative shape or size then please let me know & I'll be happy to look at adapting the design to fit these for you.


As each letter is drawn for you based on your theme and colour scheme, it can take roughly 8 days to complete (depending on the number of letters included within your sign), during which I will keep you updated with the progress of your letters.

Once completed the final image is sent to the printers and usually dispatched from them within 2 - 3 working days, so please allow roughly 2 to 3 weeks from ordering, to receive your finished name sign print.


Below I’ve included some examples of letter illustrations and full name signs I’ve illustrated to help show you what I can create and hopefully give you some ideas or your own commission if you’re a little bit stuck on ideas of what could be included.

All illustrations have been drawn and painted using a mix of fine liner pen, watercolour paints and pencil

Ollie Name sign, featuring an octopus, ladybirds, lemur, iguana and eagle illustrations

Ollie Name Sign - Animal themed with each letter represented by an animal beginning with the same letter - Octopus, Ladybird, Lemur, Iguana and Eagle.

S for seal close up photos of letter illustration

S for Seal letter illustration - close up detail of the letter S illustration, created using fine liner and watercolours.

Remy Name sign - construction themed with vehicle illustrations

Construction themed illustrated name sign, with each letter having a different vehicle paired with it, in a colour scheme of blue, yellow and orange to match the scheme of the nursery.

Close up detail of a Harry Potter themed illustrated name sign

Harry Potter themed name sign - this print was commissioned for a child's room who is a big fan of Harry Potter. Each letter is drawn with a different item from the Harry Potter world, including an owl, wands, spell books and a cauldron.

The letter N - space themed as part of a science teacher commission

Space themed letter N illustration - this letter was part of a science themed name sign commissioned for a teacher, so the object of each letter didn't always start with that letter but came under the theme of science.

O for Otter - watercolour letter illustration

O for Otter - process shot of the letter O being painted using watercolours after the initial sketching and fine liner outline has been applied.

Ocean themed illustrated name sign, featuring a seahorse, seal, dolphin, angel fish and shells

Isla - Ocean themed name sign - this name sign was commissioned for a girl that lives by the sea and loves the ocean, so features different animals that live there. To add to the aquatic theme the letters were painted with a fade effect.

British wildlife themed name sign process shot - pheasant and fawn watercolour illustrations

This is a process shot of two letters I was working on for a British wildlife themed name sign, during the paint building stage and shows the colour swatches I use for planning when creating my name signs to plan the colours of each letter and animal.

Harry Potter themed name sign print


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