Ollie - Animal themed Name Sign

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 Ollie - Animal themed Name Sign Illustration - July 2022

This was a recent name sign commission I created as a nursery gift. For the theme she wanted animals but she wanted to feature some more unusual animals so that none would be the same as a previous name illustration she'd commissioned for her friends first child.

We had a bit of an ideas session and came up with the following for each letter:

O - Octopus
L - Ladybird
L - Lemur
I - Iguana
E - Eagle

What I really liked about this selection of animals was the variety - we had a bird, an insect, a mammal, a reptile and it gave me a lot of scope to play with the colours of the letters and positioning of the animal on each one.

The illustrations were created using a stencil for each letter and each animal was hand drawn as an initial pencil sketch then built up using watercolours and pencils before inking in the detail using black fine liner. The final stage is to scan in each letter and position before printing.

 Final print - 18" x 6" (styled in a 21" x 9" frame with mount)

Ollie, animal theme name sign illustration

Initial colour planning colour palette planning

O for Octopus - initial outline of illustration in grey fine liner

E for Eagle - initial washes with colour palette

O for Octopus - initial orange was to octopus and blue on O

L for Ladybird - watercolour and pencil letter L illustration

Finish name sign print - close up of the letter O

Lemur, Iguana and Eagle letter illustrations

Final name sign illustration framed and displayed

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