Hedge & Hog - Pet Portraits

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Hedge & Hog - portrait of a pair of cats, created using fine liners, watercolour paints and pencils.

Hedge & Hog, Pet Portraits - September 2022

This was a recent pet portrait I was commissioned to create by my sister for one of her close friend's 40th birthday gifts of her two cats, Hedge and Hog.

I created the portrait working from photos that I was sent, sketching the initial outlines in pencil before outlining in ink and gradually building up the detail and tone of their fur using watercolour paints. To add in the final finer details I used black pen and pencils to pick out the texture of their fur and whiskers.

Below I've included a few of the shots I took from each stage so you can see how the portraits progressed and the different stages it took to create the final image you see above.

Initial watercolour washed on pet portrait of cats Hedge and Hog

Portraits of Hog & Hedge, after the initial pencil sketch has been outlined and the first washes of watercolour applied

Tabby cat portrait process shot - building up the detail using watercolour paints

Gradually building up the fur and tone detail on Hedge the tabby cat using a variety of paints and brushes

Process shot of cat portrait showing how the watercolour is gradually build up to capture the detail of the fur and it's tones

Hog portrait progress shot once all of the watercolour detail has been added to the page

Pet portrait of Hedge the tabby cat, adding in the finer fur detail using a fine liner

Going over the outlines and adding in additional detail to Hedge's fur and features using fine liner pen

Adding in the final fur detail on to the portrait of Hog the cat

The final stage is use pencil to pick out the finer fur detail of the cats

Finished pet portraits created in watercolour and pencil of Hedge and Hog side by side on art board

The finished portraits of Hog & Hedge after the different sketching, painting and drawing stages I use to create them

Finished framed pet portrait of Hedge the tabby cat

Finished framed portrait of Hedge the tabby cat

Finished framed pet portrait of Hog the cat created using fine liner, watercolours and pencils

Finished framed portrait of Hog the tabby cat


"Thank you for my absolutely gorgeous gift ❤️ 

The likeness is astounding. You have such a talent! You’ve captured flouffball Hedge’s (brown) bumbling aloofness alongside that moody mare taunting stare where she wants to be loved and swipe her murder mitt in equal measure

Hog (white) is the needy multi-coloured runt who rules the house. You’ve caught her tiny stature but top dog come get it attitude. I could tell immediately what photo this look was from!

I cannot wait to get these on the wall and admire them every day"

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