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 Charlotte & Charlie - July 2022 | Order of Service, Table Plan, Table Signs and Place Cards

For their day stationery Charlotte & Charlie wanted to keep it personal to them and in line with the theme of the invitations and the save the dates.

Their order of services used the tipi illustration from their invites and the same green leaf patterns in the corners at the save the dates. We also used this for the place cards for each guest.

For their wedding table plan they wanted each table to be a different city or town that meant something to them, either where they’ve lived or been to university. So I created illustrations of the landmarks from each of the six places they had chosed, Brighton, Cardiff, Crickhowell, Exeter, Newcastle & Ribble Valley

Below are a few photos from creating these illustrations as well as the final suite and how it all worked together on the day.

All illustrations hand drawn using fine liner, watercolour & pencil.

Suite includes:

1 x A1 mounted table plan, 6 x table signs, A5 Order of Service and Place Cards.

Charlotte & Charles day wedding stationery designs, including Table Plan, Table Signs, Place Cards and Order of Service

Table landmark illustrations initial washes

Brighton Pavilion illustration in fine liner and watercolour

Cardiff Bay landmark illustrations created using fine liner and watercolours

Exeter Cathedral and Ribble Valley castle illustration - fine liner and watercolour

Finished landmark illustrations worksheet - Brighton, Cardiff, Crickhowell, Exeter, Newcastle and Ribble Valley

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