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C for Cory Letter Illustration - June 2022

This was nursery gift illustration I was commissioned for a couple of months ago, an animal themed C for Cory, featuring a crab, crocodile and caterpillar.

Initally I had sketched the caterpillar in a more realistic style but the client requested that I adjust it to reflect the iconic Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This was one of my favourite books growing up and this turned into my favourite of the three animals in the final image.

The illustrations were created from an initial pencil sketch then built up using watercolours, pencils before inking in the detail using black fine liner.


Letter C illustrations with caterpillar, crab and crocodile

Finished letter C illustration featuring caterpillar, crab and crocodile illustrations

Letter C gift commission pencil outline caterpillar, crab and crocodile

Initial pencil sketch of the layout and the animals within the composition

Animal letter C gift commission initial watercolour wash

Amended version of the caterpillar illustration and the initial colour wash of the letter C

Letter C gift commission progress image, light washes over animals

Initial colour washes of the animals, gradually building in tone and detail with each wash

Finished letter C illustration with name added underneath

Finished illustration with the final black fine liner detail added to each animal and the recipient's name added below

Framed and finished letter C gift illustration commission featuring caterpillar, crab and crocodile illustrations


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